Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mikey update 7/16

Around midnight on Wednesday 7/16 Mikey was rushed back to the hospital due to a heavy fever. As of 9pm he was feeling better but they are going to keep him admitted for another day. They are concerned that there might be something wrong with his spleen and they need to run some tests. I spoke with Mikey around 9pm and he sounded good but more stressed out that he had to be back in the hospital. I also spoke with his girlfriend Jackie and she has been by his side the whole time so at least he is not alone. I will send out a new blog tomorrow with more updates first thing tomorrow. Mikey wanted me to pass along how much all the love and support everyone has been giving him means to him. He sends his love and wants to thank everyone for all the support.

MIKEY'S BENEFIT SHOW,@ Nectars, Thursday 7/17

On Thursday July 17th Nectars will be throwing a benefit for Mikey. Some of Burlingtons finest musicians and DJ's will be there and rocking the night away.  So come one, come all and show some Mikey some support!

Doors @: 9:30pm-2:00am