Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Once again I'd like thank everyone who has taken the time out to show me their love & support over the last three months:) I owe the biggest hugs & thank you to my MOM & my girlfriend JACKIE, who have helped keep me grounded mentally through several in depth conversations.
I've been spending many of my days trying new recipes in my kitchen like pesto, tomato sauce(from scratch), cheese cakes & different styles of grilling meats. Also I've been killing time by video taping local bands, sports and events to make DVDs for the performers and myself. All this & weekend drives out into the country with my lady have kept me a little busy and helps keep my mind off the fact that I'm out of work still.
Doctors took the pins out of my wrist about a month ago & all the while I've been doing physical therapy for my right arm. My ribs don't hurt any more so I can sleep on my right & back, though the pain in my arm, wrist and jaw wake me up from time to time at night. Though the Doc says the bone in my arm is not healing properly, so in November I have to go in for bone grafting. Thats where they take marrow out of my hip & put it in my arm to stimulate growth. Sounds bad but its good.
The good oral surgeon unlaced the wire that was threaded between my teeth & gums so I can carefully eat solids now (and I mean very carefully). because of how my jaw was jammed back into my ears several of my teeth broke and exposed 2-3 nerves that need to be addressed along with rumor of a root canal being done. Yeah lucky me!!!!!!!!!!!!
The doctors don't understand that 6+ months out of work eats up alot of savings and idol hand(s) do the devils work. don't get me wrong though. I'm very happy to be alive & feel blessed to have the support of close friends and family, I'm just done with the nagging pain.
Oh well its October and I've got a big 40th birthday coming up in a couple weeks, so I've got a reason to smile:)
Thanks for letting me vent;