Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mikey needs our help

On July 5th at roughly 3am, Mikey Van Gulden was struck by a cab while he was riding his bicycle.  He was rushed to the hospital and spent the next two days in the Fletcher Allen I.C.U. and then another three days in the E.R..

He suffered many major injuries, a few are listed below:
- Amputation of 25% of his right middle finger
- Lost the tip of his right ring finger
- Jaw broken in three places
- Severe lacerations to his kneecaps, chest and other parts of his body
- Right arm was broken in 12 places!

On  Tuesday 7/8 Mikey spent 5 hours in surgery and received reconstructive surgery on his arm and jaw.  The doctors say that the operations were a huge success.

His spirits have remained high and he continues to push through with the same positive energy we have all come to know and love.  We can't get over the fact that he is talking as well as he is given that his jaw wired shut.

Mikey has a long road ahead of him but he is staying very strong and has a wonderfully positive outlook on the situation at hand.  He is ready for what's about to come and he is ready to follow through with the fight.  With that all said we all feel that he will be back to his old self very soon.

There is one thing on top of all the things that have happened and that is pretty much why we have designed this web page. Mikey was going through a rough financial time before the accident - and with all honesty he is FLAT BROKE and to make matters worse he has no medical insurance.

If you look to the right of the screen you will see a button that says DONATE. It is linked to paypal and 100% of the proceeds will go to helping Mikey live and rebuild his life.

So donate $10, throw down $50 or just get crazy and donate $5Gs.

We all wish Mikey the best of luck and with all our help and love he will be back on his feet in no time.


Gregory said...

I had a chance to visit Mikey in the hospital the other day. As always he's still positive and optimistic. However, it will take some time for the lawyers to settle. In the interim, Mikey will not be able to work as he recovers from a lacerated liver, broken wrist/arm and jaw. Please donate to help support him with day to day needs and upcoming rent. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks for your consideration.
-Gregory Martin

Anonymous said...

As Mikey's girlfriend, I have been spending alot of time with him at the hospital and at home while he recovers. He is so strong and incredibly courageous as he struggles with the fact that he has to take time to recover- anyone who knows Mikey knows that he is very active, creative and social and the last thing he wants to do is be stuck at home in bed.
Also, just to clear things up- there was no brain damage from the accident.
The support that everyone is giving to him is amazing- Thank you so much
Thanks everyone - Jack

Rebecca said...

Your High Sierra family sends their love and support...we missed you at the fest this year, Mikey! Wishing you a speedy recovery...we know you'll come through like a champ.

All the best!

Jason said...

Mikey is Burlington. Since I met him over 10 years ago, I have learned so much on how to deal with people and setting the good concert vibe from the door to the floor. Been amazed how the guy never appears to age and seems invincible! Well, even superheroes get f'd up from time to time. Well Mikey, I know you will be back...we need our Minister of Rock-n-Roll!!!