Friday, July 18, 2008

Nectars Benefit update

HI Eli and Pat here,
The Benefit at Nectars was an Amazing Success. Between the Auction, Raffle, and Donations we raised more than $4000 dollars!!!! An amazing night. Turkey bullion raged the night away Seth Yac and Aram, an the Amazing support of the entire town. A truly amazing night!! Huge thanks to all the Turkey Bullion Guys, DJ Big Dog, Z, and everyone that came, donated, drank, and just showed true friendship a thing or two. Mikey you look amazing, Foehsel I want your shoes, and thank you all!!!

8 comments: said...

Hi buddy! Green Cab would like to provide you with some vouchers so you can take a Green Cab to your dr appointments etc. I will call you later today. Hope the food was ok!

Anonymous said...


your smile has graced this community for years. We have been truly blessed by you. I am glad that we got to give back a little of that to you last night. I hope you continue to feel the love we have for you for a long time to come.


mikeybvt said...

I don't personally know Mikey but I have been to a ton of shows at Higher Ground to set up and see and always see him there. Great guy, genuine, and seems to get along with anyone he knows whether it's a complete stranger like myself or someone he works with or is friends with. Just sending my best to him and his family and I hope he has a speedy recovery so we can all see him back at Higher Ground soon. Best wishes!

Mike Benoit

Devon said...

Hey Mikey,
We were so sorry to hear about your accident. We weren't able to make to the benefit concert last night but it looked like it was a lot of fun. You look great in the pictures. Hope to see you soon.

Devon & Jamie

Anonymous said...

Glad I ran into Mikey and the E-man on Church St. prior to the benefit.

Like I said Mikey.. this is repayment for all the good deeds and kindness you have shown to the thousands of people you know.

So just enjoy all the love bro!

Eric LaFave

Anonymous said...

Much Love and many healing vibes, Silky.

All the best,
JBL (Johnny Big Love)

Celina said...

Hey Mikey, we were so bummed to miss your benefit the other night but we were thinking of you. The pics don't lie, your smile still lights up the sky.

Stay strong, love Celina, Don and Bella.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, could you please get in touch with me ASAP? If this is the same cab company that we insure that had a claim involving a bicycle on the same date in Burlington, then the cab company does have liability insurance which you could receive for your injuries. Please contact me. Lee 383-1619