Thursday, July 17, 2008

Message from Mikey, 9:20pm 7/17

Hello and thank you for all your time love and contributions. This blog was a surprise from me and I am over joyed by all the love and support that everyone has been giving me. I am thank full to be alive, sober and I look forward to the new challenges with my second chance at life. Everyones love and support has made my recovery a worth while adventure. Especially that of my immediate family, my girl "Queen" Jackie and my personal friends. I look forward to seeing everyone again for the first time.

Mikey "Chocolate Thunder" vanGulden


ONEloveFOURlove said...

HI Eli and Pat here,
The Benefit at Nectars was an Amazing Success. Between the Auction, Raffle, and Donations we raised more than $4000 dollars!!!! An amazing night. Turkey bullion raged the night away Seth Yac and Aram, an the Amazing support of the entire town. A truly amazing night!! Huge thanks to all the Turkey Bullion Guys, DJ Big Dog, Z, and everyone that came, donated, drank, and just showed true friendship a thing or two. Mikey you look amazing, Foehsel I want your shoes, and thank you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mikey!
I just came across this site last night, and used paypal to donate to your benefit. Glad you are beginning to feel better. We miss seeing you and Jackie, and we've been thinking about you alot. We don't want to intrude, with all your friends etc. Let us know when you feel like getting out! Love, Ronny and Annie

Anonymous said...

hey mikey Troy Obrien wants to help and see you. we just heard through don G about your accident. troy is beside himself. we still live in fairfax and are in the phone book. you can also find me mornings at costco. please get in touch. my email is Heal quickly! paula and troy