Monday, July 28, 2008

Mikey update, Monday-7/28, 8:12pm

I want to start out by thanking everyone that attended the SOLD OUT benefit at Nectars. Luckily it was video taped and I was able to enjoy it from home. As a result I converted it to a DVD and members of Turkey Bullion Mafia are making copies to distribute to people if they wish. For anyone interested in seeing what I have been up to, I have uploaded a few pictures from the past month (Andy is making me take out the bloody ones). Since the last blog update I have had the wires taken out of my mouth and replaced with rubber bands. I have been able to eat with a spoon which has been a blessing. All stitches have been removed from my legs and arm and things seem to be healing well. The selfless monetary support from friends and loved ones from around the world has been more powerful then the medicine described from the doctors them selfs.

For curiosities sake I have no interest in owning a cab company or bringing any unneeded financial burden to anyone. My heart goes out to anyone effected by accident beside from myself. The stress with being in an accident is felt on both sides of the fence and since it wasn't an act of malicious intent I wish upon them peace of mind.

So long story short the doctors say that I am healing rather well considering. I want to throw some special thanks out to Pat, Ili, Jess, Andy and Liggy for helping spearheading all the fund raisers. All the money that was raised has be a huge help and I am forever great full for everything everybody has done for me in my time need.

Once again I would like to thanks my Mom (Nancy vanGulden), my cuddle partner and bedside nurse Jackie Reno.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy their summer.

Mike "chocolate Thunder" vanGulden

Friday, July 18, 2008

Nectars Benefit update

HI Eli and Pat here,
The Benefit at Nectars was an Amazing Success. Between the Auction, Raffle, and Donations we raised more than $4000 dollars!!!! An amazing night. Turkey bullion raged the night away Seth Yac and Aram, an the Amazing support of the entire town. A truly amazing night!! Huge thanks to all the Turkey Bullion Guys, DJ Big Dog, Z, and everyone that came, donated, drank, and just showed true friendship a thing or two. Mikey you look amazing, Foehsel I want your shoes, and thank you all!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Message from Mikey, 9:20pm 7/17

Hello and thank you for all your time love and contributions. This blog was a surprise from me and I am over joyed by all the love and support that everyone has been giving me. I am thank full to be alive, sober and I look forward to the new challenges with my second chance at life. Everyones love and support has made my recovery a worth while adventure. Especially that of my immediate family, my girl "Queen" Jackie and my personal friends. I look forward to seeing everyone again for the first time.

Mikey "Chocolate Thunder" vanGulden

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mikey update 7/16

Around midnight on Wednesday 7/16 Mikey was rushed back to the hospital due to a heavy fever. As of 9pm he was feeling better but they are going to keep him admitted for another day. They are concerned that there might be something wrong with his spleen and they need to run some tests. I spoke with Mikey around 9pm and he sounded good but more stressed out that he had to be back in the hospital. I also spoke with his girlfriend Jackie and she has been by his side the whole time so at least he is not alone. I will send out a new blog tomorrow with more updates first thing tomorrow. Mikey wanted me to pass along how much all the love and support everyone has been giving him means to him. He sends his love and wants to thank everyone for all the support.

MIKEY'S BENEFIT SHOW,@ Nectars, Thursday 7/17

On Thursday July 17th Nectars will be throwing a benefit for Mikey. Some of Burlingtons finest musicians and DJ's will be there and rocking the night away.  So come one, come all and show some Mikey some support!

Doors @: 9:30pm-2:00am

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mikey needs our help

On July 5th at roughly 3am, Mikey Van Gulden was struck by a cab while he was riding his bicycle.  He was rushed to the hospital and spent the next two days in the Fletcher Allen I.C.U. and then another three days in the E.R..

He suffered many major injuries, a few are listed below:
- Amputation of 25% of his right middle finger
- Lost the tip of his right ring finger
- Jaw broken in three places
- Severe lacerations to his kneecaps, chest and other parts of his body
- Right arm was broken in 12 places!

On  Tuesday 7/8 Mikey spent 5 hours in surgery and received reconstructive surgery on his arm and jaw.  The doctors say that the operations were a huge success.

His spirits have remained high and he continues to push through with the same positive energy we have all come to know and love.  We can't get over the fact that he is talking as well as he is given that his jaw wired shut.

Mikey has a long road ahead of him but he is staying very strong and has a wonderfully positive outlook on the situation at hand.  He is ready for what's about to come and he is ready to follow through with the fight.  With that all said we all feel that he will be back to his old self very soon.

There is one thing on top of all the things that have happened and that is pretty much why we have designed this web page. Mikey was going through a rough financial time before the accident - and with all honesty he is FLAT BROKE and to make matters worse he has no medical insurance.

If you look to the right of the screen you will see a button that says DONATE. It is linked to paypal and 100% of the proceeds will go to helping Mikey live and rebuild his life.

So donate $10, throw down $50 or just get crazy and donate $5Gs.

We all wish Mikey the best of luck and with all our help and love he will be back on his feet in no time.